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Monday, May 16, 2011

Styles that suit your body type!

Styles that suit your body type!

All women have different body types.  There are six different body types, round, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, diamond, and straight.

Round Body types have generous bust, wider rib cage, narrow hips, and slender legs.  This body type should wear tops that are v neck, and avoid tops that are fitted

Invented Triangle body shapes have broad shoulders, medium bust, narrow hips, and shapely long legs.  Pants that have flare are best for this figure. 

Hourglass body has a bust, defined waist, curved hips, and shapely legs.  A great trend is to wear wraps that accentuate your waist.  

Pear shape bodies have narrow shoulders, small bust, as well as a shapely waist and generous lower hips.  Pants that are the best are flowing fabrics that accentuate your hips and tailored shirts

Diamond shape body is when you have narrow shoulders, a small bust, and generous thighs.  What you should avoid is any pants that have detail on the bottom.  What looks great on this figure are tops that are fitted but a little flare to go over your hips.

Straight body types is when you upper and lower torso is equal.  Shirts that have a neckline below your collarbone to elongate your torso and straight skirts.  Avoid belts or pleats since they will accentuate your hips and make them look thick. 
A great website about body types is www.shopyourshape.com.  This website shows all different body types that you chose from and put clothes on them to figure out what will look the best on your body type!  Enjoy!

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