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Thursday, September 15, 2011

RashidaGurl Jewlery

One of my favorite things about being a creative mind is meeting other creative mines.You have the opportunity to collaborate and be inspired by some of the most talented people!So on one of my late nite internet strolls i came across this fabulous artist who happens to be a fan of (It Girl),but later allow me to become a fan of her.So here's the scoop on RashidaGurl,the brain behind RashidaGurl Jewelery

Rashida, a 28 year old Fashion Design major, is the driving force behind the fun,
ecclectic and highly addictive line of jewelry called RashidaGurl.

It all began the summer of 2002 in Philadelphia as a hobby. Rashida would design earrings for her cosmetology classmates.
Before long there wasn't a place she would go without numerous inquiries of where she bought her earrings from.
A few short months later, with the help of her Mother, a close friend Shari and the owners of Siglo Accessories, RashidaGurl began to sell thousands
of earrings to the young, fly and fashionable "gurls" of Philly.

"I could never find exactly what I was looking for in a pair of earrings....so I just designed them myself." -RashidaGurl

Rashida enjoys designing her line of jewelry so much that she would do it for free....
and sometimes she does by including extras to random on-line orders.

Often compared to the likes of Betsey Johnson or Tarina Tarantino, Rashida believes that she is nowhere close
to their ranks....but she does aspire to be.

RashidaGurl is available at the cutest little pink boutique located in Philly called Smak Parlor (
www.smakparlour.com) and online at www.etsy.com/shop/rashidagurl or www.rashidagurl.com

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