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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fly's Nest Beautyque

Fly Won owner of Fly's Nest is from Indianapolis. Now currently based in Atlanta,she has been involved in the fashion industry since high school. She has independently produced several fashion events and has been recognized in several publications. She is a contributing fashion columnist in Indianapolis' magazine Grandscale and owns and operates Fly's Nest an E-Beautyque that sells Vintage and Unique womens wear. Fly's Nest also has a Beautyque that sells Vintage and Unique women's wear. EarGear is the most recent addition to Fly's Nest made primarily using Vintage fabrics, findings and embellishments. Fly Won is the owner and designHer for the brand.Below are some of her fabulous creation and accomplishments.

A touch of Fly's Nest:

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        Contact Info:


      • flywon1@gmail.com

      • flywon@flysnest.com

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