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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Girl Talk: Are you still playing the GAME of LOVE??

Often times when we think we're in love we usually are uncertain of exactly what we want out of the other person, but there's one thing for sure is that we enjoy the way they make us feel., even to the point of neglecting ourselves and our need to be satisfied mentally. We often fall for the guys that aren't giving us half of what we need as women, and we accept that because we're never really being fully honest with ourselves. We continue to go back in fourth with the issue of whether or not we should accept this treatment of neglect or know that there's someone else out there who can treat us much better. Through some very interested research I've found that most women prefer the ideal of a "GOOD GUY" but they like the thrill of the "BAD BOY".This is where we tend to confuse ourselves,because to be truly happy with yourselves and another person you have to make a decision to want true love  and commit to it. Meaning when you decided to reach your highest potential of self worth, you must associate yourself with nothing but that energy even in dealing with LOVE. As women we need to be sure to NOT to settle for what you think is  good enough,because there's always better-

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