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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iris Barbee Bonner

While most know her as the creator of  thesepinklips,we've got to  know the talented  artist Iris Barbee Bonner "who by the way is quite shy" as Philadelphia's most talented artist creating everything from shoes to clothes and these amazing art canvases below.If we had to sum her artistry up in one word "Spectacular" would probably be it. With her creative eye for colors and contrast,she's managed capture women in they're most incredible form by embraces curves and using them as her very own inspiration. Although this very humble  twenty something year old phenom has managed to wow clients all over. She still has more to accomplish and hopes to leave her mark in the world through her art and incredible personality! 

For more on Iris Barbee Bonner checkout her website: www.thesepinklips.com

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