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Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Fresh Ways To Style An Essential Shirtdress

1. Quality: Don’t buy basics in bad (read: unbreathable or impossibly delicate) fabrics and make sure seams and buttons are well-sewn. Be sure the garment is easy to care for; otherwise, your newly beloved will be on its way to the trash can faster than designer ripoffs hit the floor.

2. Fit: Every basic you buy should fit like it was made for you; not uncomfortable, not too tight, not too fussy. There are so many options out there, so you shouldn’t buy anything that doesn’t make you feel like a bombshell when you slip it on. Fit is the secret to every successful look. Don't go blindly into buying—the fit is your friend and so is the mirror, if not the salesperson…

3. Application: If you’ve followed the tips above, you’ve already sunk time into your purchase, so make sure it’s worth it! A new basic should be able to work with multiple pieces already in your closet.

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