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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rent anything thanks to Rachael Ray and Jennifer Jolly!!

Wish you had an evening gown or some precious gems? Just rent them for your next occasion! Consumer expert Jennifer Jolly is sharing some of her favorite secrets to (temporarily) get everything you need.
• Jewelry: If a special outfit needs a little sparkle, consider renting some high-end bling. Jennifer is wearing a necklace worth $13,500 that she rented for just $150 (see picture above). "I’m a little nervous just having it on my neck!" she jokes, while explaining it truly is safe. "Insurance comes with the price of the rental, everything’s insured while it’s in your hands." Websites like adorn.com offer a range of items with quick shipping. "You pick out what you love, it shows up two days before your function and when you’re done, you put it back in the envelope that they send you and mail it back."
• Artwork: Can't decide on a painting for your living room? Wish you could have a new look for a big event? Jennifer suggests a site like Raandesk Gallery that will rent a piece of artwork for a specific period of time. "It’s a good thing for galleries because they get the work out, they get people talking about it, and it’s awesome for you because you get to live like a celebrity for less!"
• Caskets: "A lot of times people are in an ornate casket for the service and then they’re cremated," Jennifer says, noting you can rent a casket for the occasion. "If you think that's weird, you can build your own casket! You can go online and there are blueprints (www.wayneofthewoods.com)."
• Rent just about everything else: Need something not on this list? Try Zilok.com. "It’s peer-to-peer renting, and this is really great, because it goes by geographical region," Jennifer says. "Have your grandchildren coming to visit? You can rent a car seat for $2 a day!"

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