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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A closet Extention

How is that tights always manage to flatter a womens curves if woren properly, its simple you have to be sure hat you buy the proper tights for your figure,since im a more curvy woman i tend to look for texture tights which you can purchase @ forever 21 for $10 or less and to give yourself the allusion of a flatter tummy wear tank tops that has a little length to them it elongates the waist making you appear leaner..I love sephora's tarte and feiry red lipstick, it can turn just about any outfit into somthing fun!

I have tons a little black dresses, i tend to look for the dresses that has a fitted waist line, I love to put focus on my waist, because it gives my body porportion, you can purchase this dress at Forver 21 also for about $30, but there are tons of great websites who have amazing black dress for every figure!

I love glamorous jewerly so these were a still they were a little prices though they were around $45, but sometimes when you find a  piece you have to make the investment they look fabulous with a white top and rouge lips as you can see, as far as my makeup goes i usually like to draw attention to my eyes. Im pretty simple with it though, black eyeliner by sephora thats priced at around 18-$24, i love shimmer which is about $24 i usually like pink and golds with a little bronze once in a while i'll try something new...but my trick to make it all work is my CONCEALER, i love it! It gives all makeup that very clean and polished appearance, and it can also be purchased at sephora for about $18-24 depending on the brand, but its definitely an investment

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